Why would Turkey not be the blockchain center of the region?

Why would Turkey not be the blockchain center of the region?

According to Eurasia Blockchain and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Digital Money Research Association, Kadir Kurtuluş, as the widespread use of this system would contribute to the growth of Turkey; Turkey could also be an important center for Eurasian region countries.

Blockchain technology, which is already recognized and foreseen to be recognized by many countries of the world, fits the definition of ‘Global Evidence’ in the light of the fact that individuals, institutions and countries can be trusted in the transactions they perform. For this reason, the Global Evidences based on Blockchain technology is used together with the Copyrobo platform, in addition to the Multi-LocaI Evidences created by the countries according to the latest Iaws and regulations. Hasan Kurtuluş and lawyer Kadir Kurtuluş founded the Turkish initiative Copyrobo, according to the innovations brought by technology and according to the latest laws and regulations put into practice by countries, legal evidence can be used even today or after years; as Copyrobo aims to create a safe and stable platform that evidences can be produced, verified and managed. Copyrobo is the first in the world to have the ability to be the sole platform for European Union (EU) and other countries’ certification providers as well as those based on Blockchain technology.

When we talked with Lawyer Kadir Kurtuluş, President of Eurasia Blockchain and Digital Money Research Association, who is a Licensed Angel Investor from the Prime Ministry Undersecretary of Treasury, we talked about the potential steps that Turkey should take as soon as possible. When Bitcoin first came out, there had to be a transfer of money between the people. On a global basis, People needed to be non-centric, besides privacy and security. According to Kadir Kurtuluş, the state authority ensures security among people, gives the license to the banks for this purpose, accepts the records there, observes the records in case of a problem and the courts accept this record. Blockchain was born in response to the mutual trust of people as the authority did not have the desire to follow money in Bitcoin. According to Kurtuluş in this respect, it had to be born with Bitcoin. Here are the details of our interview:

Why was there such a necessity?
At the reached Point, via Blockchain, ‘Peer2Peer’, a chain of blocks in a database that is scattered and going from person to person, meaning the shade of everyone’s work is recorded and security confirmation mechanisms are being provided as these operations are captured and distributed among many computers. 21 million units of Bitcoin Will be produced. Think of it like gold reserves. Already for this reason there are miners who decrypt cryptos and it is like searching for gold, which can be done in a certain time and with a certain effort. As miners appeared, it was Clear that in our lifetime, every area of our life Will be able to Write the real history of objects much faster, based on the chain of security between people. For example, you can follow the full adventure of each product.

Uranium is badi but when we see how useful it is to fields like health and nuclear medicine, the world says that region? ‘This is harmful, but we Will take it under control and use it for good deeds.’ That’s exactly what we are trying to do in Blockchain right now, drawing the borders. It is even said that the FBI can follow this. Now there is the work of US Coin. Because the donar is indexed to gold and oil, all central banks accept it, certain transactions are made in dollars. But on a global basis, gold and oil do not attract our attention as much as they used to. After ali, the reason for the wars is not the oil in a place, but on which currency it is to be valued and the USA is therefore sensitive to this. But now this system is changing.

What kind of change is it?
I am using Bitcoin and Ethereum, for instance. Whichever is used the more, that currency Will take the place of money in the world. Rather than being based on oil and gold, the currencies Will evolve as we can measure all the transactions in this structure and we can estimate it in the future with statistics. For this reason, the USA aims to make USA Coin and make sure that the real life transactions are based on it as well as gold and oil. Russia also says it is negotiating with Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, in line with talks between Putin and Buterin, they are also trying to make their own crypto money. Singapore, South Korea, which has taken steps long before and has accepted Bitcoin and Japan are trying to create their own money. Because they know that ignoring or rejecting it Will do much more harm to them and they say ‘yes’ to this technology. We need to be on one side of this development. in Turkey, a crypto exchange of 200-250 Million Euros is mentioned. We should not reject it. if you take this technology, you Will feed human resources and create your own market.

Why Eurasia?
A company that recently offered banking IT support to one of the Turkish Republic countries wanted to meet with us. We are working in Turkey about Blockchain and the first stop of that geography is always Turkey at a moment whenever there is a need. in line with this reality, let us become the knowledge center of this region, educate the competent HR, give consultancy and infrastructure support to all the companies in the Eurasian region and we want all the money transactions in this region to return to us.

You are not a financial institution or an intermediary for payments. Who do you cooperate with, Who do you need to be stakeholders with?

Let’s look at it as both Copyrobo and an association. Copyrobo is a legal structure which we build with my brother Hasan Kurtuluş after 4 years of work related to Blockchain in Vietnam with a team of 25 people. Right now we are the world’s only international Blockchain project. Dubai Will transfer the entire infrastructure to Blockchain by 2020 and we participated in a competition a few months ago and receive the jury special award, making us one of the five companies that Will build the infrastructure. We have studied the legal depth of this business in the law office and we wanted to combine the information with the regulation in a correct and strategic way and gain it for Turkey. This is a very different added value as it is related to the future of the Turkish financial system. The reason is that new players are coming to the fore instead of banks in international money transfers.

What kind of a structure is it and who are the leading players?
There is the money transfer application Circle. TenX offers a debit card enabling you withdraw money from wherever you want. Xapo cooperated with Visa and digital money platform Coinbase cooperated with Western Union. So the role of banks in international money transfers Will be reduced. Sweden began to use it in cadastral systems, pilot studies for UK cadastre and land registry systems started. In China, the crypto money market Okcoin has enabled its customers to make Ethereum (ETH) transactions through the stock market. In addition, a company named Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has been realized and the world’s largest companies have joined it. However, we say that we should build it here. But we should not forget the importance of user habits.