Blockchain Summit Istanbul, which will be organized for the first time in Turkey to raise awareness and to develop Blockchain, the technology in the background of crypto money, will meet the leaders of technology.

 Eurasia Blockchain and Digital Money Research Association (BLASEA), which was established with the aim of investigating Blockchain technology and crypto-money, making legislative studies and developing this technology in Turkey, is preparing to organize Blockchain Summit Istanbul 2017 for the first time this year. The main theme of the summit to be held at Kadir Has University on Thursday, November 23rd will be ‘FUTURE’. The summit will discuss ideas to guide legislative work such as; how the Blockchain system will become more widespread, the steps to be taken to improve it in Turkey, and how the present day can be adapted to the future. The status of Blockchain and crypto money in Turkey, the transformation of the Blockchain technology and the payment sector, the regulatory structure on crypto money, the technological developments in the industry, the rise of ICOs and the financial Blockchain system will also be discussed in the summit.

The summit will bring the leaders of the technology together and the key speakers will be Eurasia Blockchain and President of the Association of Digital Money Researches Atty. Kadir Kurtuluş, Copyrobo CEO Hasan Kurtuluş, London-based PWC’s Fintech and Digital Banking Director Ajit Tripathi, Kadir Has University Faculty Member and President of Digital Transformation İsmail Hakkı Polat, CoinTurk Editor-in-Chief Levent Kurt, TEPAV Executive Director Güven Sak, Microsoft Software Development Technologies Assistant General Manager Cavit Yantaç and Boğaziçi University Faculty Member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Oğuzhan Aygören. In addition, the summit will host the leading names of industry in approximately 30 different fields. Blockchain technology providers, crypto money exchanges and wallets, banks and financial institutions, financial technology companies, legal experts, crypto money miners and enthusiasts and investment experts, as well as important domestic and foreign brands investing in the field of technology will participate to the summit.

Atty. Kadir Kurtuluş, President of Eurasia Blockchain and Digital Money Research Association, expressing that Blockchain Summit is a first in Turkey and will provide important contributions to the field, stated “Blockchain, the technology behind crypto money, is a distributed database with no centralized control. We can think of Blockchain as a registry that records all the Bitcoin operations performed on Bitcoin. The Blockchain system provides a reliable environment for its users to ensure smooth process operation in digital contexts. We anticipate that this system will be used actively in public institutions and organizations, in all banks and even in voting systems in the coming years. As the association, we have set out with the aim of promoting this system to Turkey and to spread its usage. As a part of this goal, we will give a detailed demonstration of the Blockchain system at the Blockchain Summit Istanbul to discuss how Blockchain technology is used in the world and what can be done in Turkey in this process. As the association, we achieve happiness to organize such a summit for the first time in Turkey. We look forward to all our technology companies, anyone wondering about Blockchain and desiring to have more information”.

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