What Blockchain is

Business and Governments never operate in isolation; they are participants in a business network. Ownership of assets, tangible (e.g. a car, a house) or intangible (bonds, intellectual property), pass across the network in return for payments, governed by contracts. Today network participants keep their own ledger that records all the assets they own and is updated [...]

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What are the challenges?

As with any new and emerging technology there is an immediate need to weigh up the issues, challenges and opportunities. Blockchain creates new business and delivery models which may require changes to policy and regulations. But this is only part of the solution. Blockchain needs international standards that are compatible with regulations and controls in financial [...]

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Why do we need Blockchain standards?

Ensuring that this new and emergent technology will benefit governments, industry and consumers requires an open and transparent standards process. Wide stakeholder involvement is critical to establishing a level playing field where protocols and standards can be developed to encourage competition, support innovation and reduce barriers to trade. We are already seeing a proliferation of blockchains [...]

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Why Blockchain?

Blockchains are an emerging technology pattern that can radically improve banking, supply-chain and other transaction networks, giving them new opportunities for innovation and growth while reducing cost and risk. Economic transactions on a distributed ledger can be programmed to record virtually anything of value: your identity, a will, a deed, a title, a license, intellectual property, [...]

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